Trip Sheet Magazine


Trip Sheet Magazine is a four-color, high gloss monthly magazine published for the the Taxi, Limo, Trolley and Shuttle Bus drivers in the Las Vegas area.

This magazine covers issues pertaining to the drivers to keep them safe, help them earn a living, and inform them of new rules or regulation changes. This information impacts a drivers’ ability to safely do their jobs and transport tourists in Las Vegas.

These drivers see tourists every day in great numbers and are asked repeatedly of things to do in Las Vegas, from shows, restaurants, businesses, and more. They are an asset at promoting Las Vegas information to the many faces they see, and advertisers utilize the magazine to keep their business visible to the drivers for that promotion.

Serving the Transportation Industry since 1984.

Distributing 12,000 copies each month to current drivers.

This magazine is only available for drivers employed in the Las Vegas Transportation Industry.

Made in the U.S.A.

Copyright 1984-2015

Trip Sheet Magazine

All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Lisa Ballan

A Las Vegas Transportation Industry Magazine